the vineyard
Lightness, from vineyard to wine Lightness, from vineyard to wine
For those who work in biodynamic agriculture, every creature of the Earth and Air is important.
This includes those which many consider to be superfluous or even hostile: flowers, grass and insects.
On our land the grass is left to grow freely, and sometimes even sown, so as to shade the soil and to retain the moisture, as well as to prevent erosion.
the vineyard
Treatments Treatments
The only treatments we use are based on copper, sulphur and propolis.
the vineyard
Boosting Boosting
The process that vitalizes the biodynamic compounds takes place in “flow forms”, a system of partially overlapping tanks through which the water flows rhythmically, becoming healthier and more oxygenated.
the vineyard
Green manure Green manure
Over the years, through the use of green manure, our soil has acquired richness and vitality, and obtained a balance and fertility which has allowed us to reduce the need to work the land,
the vineyard
Biodiversity Biodiversity
There are many more colours in our vineyards than is usual, because they are filled with flowers and herbs of all kinds. These are the lungs of the Earth: their roots branch out deeply into the soil, bringing oxygen and organic matter to a depth that machines cannot reach. In order to assist this process and avoid damaging useful plants we use very light, and part electric, farming machines